I’m a Serve-ivor


Volleyball. A simple game, but for my family: Not so much. I get a real kick out of how bad we can be at this game, but it is still something that we all can enjoy.

Now I woke up this morning without a clue to that we were going to spend hours playing this game while I should have been doing my stacks of homework, but at times you have to drop the silly responsibilities that can wait and do something that’s unexpected so you can have a story to tell later. This principle is a funny one, and it’s one that I try to use often. It’s not a sign of irresponsibility because I still will do my homework and whatever else has to be done, but now I’m going to do it with a smile on my face and another memory I didn’t expect to have. In a leadership role it’s entirely okay to take a break and have some fun for a change, as long as you still have time finish your goals (even if it is petty homework). People can get so caught up in getting something finished and having it done as soon as possible and continuing to stress about it until it’s finished. Chill.. It will get done. Do not miss out on a memorable opportunity. If it isn’t too extreme; Go ahead. If you have time; Do it. It’ll be worth it In the End. Trust me, you will not regret it.


Oklahoma Pastime


My Family and I decided to start out our Spring Break by going camping on our 1,200 acres of inherited land, and I must tell you. It is something beautiful. I am extremely grateful to be able to enjoy it. Its land so vast and remote that’s wedged in the middle of an urbanized area, and I SO needed this. I needed a break from the busy lifestyle of urbanized life. I needed some time with my family. I’m always so caught up in school, church, and the struggles of life to put some emphasis and attention to my family. We all need something to blow off steam. Something as easy as pitching a tent and starting a fire can greatly loosen up all the stress and worries that have accumulated. And seriously EVERYONE needs to get some time away for a while. So I’m giving you a suggestion. Find something that gets your mind off the hectic world that we live in. You don’t have to splurge massive amounts of money to go to Bora Bora and eat sirloin steak on a bed of lobster. Something as simple as reading a book will do. And when you begin to worry and dwell over negative attributes in your life. Walk away from it for a while and treat yourself to some R&R. It’s a great feeling, and it’s so worth it.