Fall 2014 – Oklahoma State University

Fall 2014 is closing its life here at Oklahoma State and with it brings very many eye opening realizations. There are things I know now that are mole hills that seemed like mountains at the time. When I got here I was nervous. As everyone is, and with that brought lots of seclusion. I was continuously shy and avoided all circumstances what would require a social aspect. I withdrew from Fall Recruitment, I burned bridges, and sat in my room eating Ramen and questioning on whether to really do my Chemistry or not. Now I will say right now: I am an extremely sociable person, who can talk about anything and everything. I kew the character I was when I arrived on campus was not my true self, and I knew that had to change quick.

I immediately jumped out of comfort zones. I sat in the living room, I invited people to dinner, I invited myself to dinner, I asked people to go to events with me. I got to know people that I share the same roof with, and it was a tremendously great decision. The people I have got to know here on campus are truly one of a kind. We do everything together. If we are not in class, we are together elsewhere. I love them for who they are and every little trait that deems them different than the other person. Now of course some people stand out more than others, and I truly appreciate their company and their interests that are very similar to my own, given that most are leaving me for their own Greek interests (see ya next year). Parker Hall was a life changing decision that I did not anticipate. We are a Family.

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Given my petty backstory. I have always had trouble with losing friendships and there has always been lots of heartbreak.  As my best friends are considered to be direct extensions of my family. Closure has been hard and took me many years, but I know some relationships are more detrimental to your health than supplemental. I learned to be reliant on myself. I mean there are those people you will always be friends with, despite distance, as a relationship isn’t dependent on the time spent, and more simply about the appreciation of each other’s existence and their interests on each other’s well being. Short-term fulfillment is very unimportant to me, I think of the future and less of the present, and with that comes long term relationships. Friends outside of my residence hall and classrooms are hard to come by, but there is one that I can consider to be a miracle in itself, and with it comes infinite amounts of gratitude. It started with a simple invitation to a mandatory event that we were both required to go to, and it has matured into a friendship that I believe will not fade. We get each other, personalities are mirrored alike. Time spent is time well worth spent. Humor is identical. Something I believed I would never have been a possibility as people like me are few and far between, and I just stumbled upon it in an attempt to not go somewhere alone. I will not go into detail, but this is a person I feel like I will be close to for the rest of my life. As this is a person that truly appreciates me as much as I appreciate them, and I will be forever grateful. Thanks for unintentionally mending wounds that should have never existed. Thanks for making this place I call home even more of a home than I was expecting.

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Oklahoma State University is a blessing. I love it and the people that come with it.

Ever You’ll Find Me Loyal & True.



Today’s Motivation


Today's Motivation

Whether you are in college like me or just tackling some task, keep this positive thought close. Currently, I’m sitting here swamped in homework, looking at a paper I need to finish today, and honestly thinking “someone save me!”.
However, I know it will be worth it in the end. All the homework will be worth it once I walk across that graduation stage. All the late nights of studying will be worth it once I am the teacher of my own classroom. All the times of stress will be worth it once I impact and inspire my own students. Somewhere I’ve heard the quote, ” This too shall pass.” I’m keeping that thought with every obstacle and homework assignment because the “big picture” of everything–achieving my dream–makes everything worth it in the end.
Good luck will everything you do, and keep in mind that when chasing your dreams, it…

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